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We build and maintain solutions to tokenize companies, projects and communities. We stand for decentralization, transparency and security.

/ About us

We are a technology company specializing in tokenization. With us, you can secure capital for growth, expand your business into international markets, enhance transparency in your organization's operations, and ensure the secure flow of funds and information.

We provide education, guidance, and solutions, while fostering a community of loyal investors.

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Key pillars of your success

01 / People

Tokenization allows you to build a community around your project. This enables you to develop your business in a prosumer model, directly addressing the needs of your audience and increasing their engagement.

02 / Funding

The boldest ideas require support. Obtaining capital for project development without sacrificing independence or the original vision is possible.

03 / Trust

Utilizing smart contracts is not only about creating your own economy in business - it is primarily a guarantee of transparency and security. Thanks to them, fundraising and settlements become simple.

Use blockchain-based tokens and smart contracts to unleash the real potential of your business.

Design your own economy, grow loyal community and cut off operational costs.
01 / Scale up your business with no limits
02 / Reward your customers and employees
03 / Sleep well knowing your assets are safe

How can you benefit from tokenization?

Powerful network

/ Powerful network

By building a business based on a community, you gain access to the knowledge and experience of people who care about your success. They are the ones who determine the strength of your brand.

Brand credibility

/ Brand credibility

By using smart contracts that describe durable operating principles, your business becomes transparent and predictable. This builds trust among your customers and collaborators.

Free flows

/ Free flows

Digital value carriers can be transferred 24/7 worldwide. This guarantees full flexibility and low operating costs with minimal formalities.

Cheaper funding

/ Cheaper funding

Digital assets are just a medium of the business value you provide. It is easy to distribute them, while obtaining real resources for project development. The larger and more engaged the community, the cheaper the capital.

Operational liquidity

/ Operational liquidity

Decentralized systems are resilient to failures and attacks. This allows your company to operate without interruptions, and your customers do not have to worry about the security of their data.

Explore new possibilities

Meet our Team

We are a highly technical team that builds quality solutions and strong relationships. Frankly, we prefer rhinos over unicorns.

Wojciech Bąk

Experienced designer, developer and manager with over a decade of experiences in IT industry.
Focused on building strong culture based on trust, respect and quality.

Dmytro Morozov

Blockchain expert with wide experience in enterprise software development.
Solving complex problems with simple solutions.

Radosław Ordyniec

Tokenization specialist and blockchain enthusiast with a background in marketing and business development.
Making sure that our products are well received by the market.

Kamil Planer

A visionary in blockchain and decentralized systems, possessing robust skills in software development and research. At the forefront of innovating and advancing cutting-edge solutions. Always keen to explore new frontiers and experiment with emerging technologies.

Michał Czaja

Software engineer with experience in building and maintaining web applications.
Ensuring reliability, scalability and security of our solutions.

Krystian Rej

Diligent software engineer with over 5 years of experience in commercial application and software development.

Andrii Chernysh

A master of product design, adept at conceptualizing and crafting the visual and functional facets of products, while ensuring they align with user needs and business objectives. Provides art direction and fine-tunes designs through best practices, prototyping, and user research, enhancing both usability and aesthetic appeal.

Maksym Shvedchenko

In the blockchain industry, specializes in aligning data and analytics with client business goals, enhancing their strategies. Prioritizes impactful AI, data, and analytics use cases, balancing complexity and value. Advocates a holistic approach with a focus on non-intrusive data governance to ensure quality and secure data usage.

Tetiana Pelykh

Designer with an extensive portfolio in crypto projects. Her innovative approach and keen eye for detail ensure that each project she undertakes is both functional and beautiful.

Olha Kovalchuk

With her exceptional organizational skills and dedication, ensures the smooth operation of daily tasks and contributes significantly to the efficiency and success of the organization.


Few words from our
beloved customers

  • Tomasz Szopiński

    Tomasz Szopiński

    CEO MilkyIce

    "We are very pleased with the cooperation with the codefunded team. The project was carried out in accordance with the schedule and budget. The company's employees are very competent and professional. We recommend it as a reliable and trustworthy partner."